Model 411 CDI TRACTION HEAD, 4.0 T
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Order 7029311591
Engine 65195835416593
Transmission 700750A0029984
Color Paint, deep black MB 9040 (9040)
Mileage Show mileage of this vehicle
Production 4188468
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz AG (GER)
Delivery Date 2021-05-06


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9040 Paint, deep black MB 9040
A50 Front axle with increased load capacity
B01 Vehicle version for high loads
B25 Electric parking brake
BA3 Active Brake Assist System
BH1 HOLD function
BH9 Control code for hydraulic assembly variant 8
BK5 Control code for wheel brake configuration 5
C6L Multifunction steering wheel
C94 Omission bumper front
CL1 Height and rake adjustable steering wheel
CL3 leather steering wheel
E07 Hill-Start Assist
E1D Digital radio (DAB)
E1G Live Traffic capability
E1R Additional main fuses, 40A, 80A, 150A, 100A
E2A Tapping of body manufacturer special signals in cockpit
E2N Control by scopes in NTG6
E3J Preinstallation for switch panel
E3S Driver's seat occupancy recognition pre-installation
E4A Antenna interface for radio, navigation and mobile radio
E4M MBUX multimedia system with 10.25-inch touchscreen
E57 Electrics for trailer socket
EA5 Central locking pre-installation for body doors
ED4 AGM battery 12 V 92 Ah
EK1 Terminal strip for electrical connection
EP7 Basic electric fitting for rear loudspeakers
ES0 Starting aid contact
ET4 Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC
EX9 Free map data updates for 3 years
EY5 Mercedes-Benz emergency call system
EY6 Breakdown management
F45 Windshield wiper pre-installation
F50 Cowl version
F92 Omission of windscreen
FG8 Cup holders front
FHT Traction head
FJ1 Hinged lid for stowage compartment
FJ4 Stowage compartment under cockpit
FW1 Deletion, cab rear wall
FW8 Deletion of driver's cab door, right
FW9 Deletion of driver's cab door, left
FX3 Cab door wiring harnesses
H1I Front-to-rear outlet in instrument panel
HH2 Electric warm air auxiliary heater
HH9 TEMPMATIC semi-automatic air conditioning
HI1 Climate zone 1 (cold/comfort)
IC1 Model series C907/C910 Sprinter
IC9 Traction head
IF0 Model series C910 VS30 FWD
IG4 Standard
IG5 Basic
IH6 Head unit ECE/RoW
IK0 Complete vehicle
IL1 Domestic (Germany)
IL5 Left-hand drive
IS0 Wheelbase 0 mm
IT9 4.0 tonner
J10 Speedometer, km/h
J1D Pre-installation for seat belt warning system for driver's seat
J1E Pre-installation for seat belt warning system for front passenger seat
J65 Outside temperature display
J92 Deletion, tachograph
JA8 Crosswind Assist
JF1 rain sensor
JH3 Communication module (LTE) for digital services
JI6 Starting distance for maintenance interval 40,000 km
JK5 Instrument cluster with color display
JW2 Deactivation of bulb failure indicator
JW8 Attention Assist
JY9 Omission of Lane Keeping Assist
KB8 Main tank, 92 litres
KP6 SCR Generation 3 exhaust gas cleaning
L90 Deletion, tail lights
L91 Pre-installation for LED tail lamps
L93 Pre-installation for LED front lamps
L94 Omission parking lamp
LA2 Headlamp Assist
LB2 Pre-installation for side marker lamps
LE1 Adaptive brake lights
LV4 Preinstallation of electrics for front fog lamps
LV6 Pre-installation for 3rd brake light electrics
LX5 Europe
M48 Alternator 14 V / 230 A
M94 Vehicle without road speed limiter EG
MJ8 ECO start/stop function
MP6 Engine version, Euro VI
MQ0 OBD (on-board diagnostics) stage D
MR5 Engine OM 651 DE 22 LA 125 kW (170 hp)
O69 Traction head wheelbase 4200 mm +- 50 mm
O84 Traction head rear axle track width 1980 mm
OA5 Parameterization, left side door present
OA6 Parameterization, right side door present
P08 Tarp for transfer
PY8 Customer - Carthago
QB1 Veh. pre-installation f.trailer load up to 2000 kg
RC3 All-season tires Camper CP
RF1 Make of tyres Continental (10)
RG8 Tyres 225/75 R16 C
RM0 All-season tires
RM3 Light-alloy wheels, 6.5 J x 16, black
RX8 Wheel make Ronal
RY2 Tyre pressure monitoring at FA and RA, wireless
S86 Reinforced seat base
S87 Driver's seat frame, low
S88 Co-driver's seat frame, low
S90 Driver's seat deleted
S91 Non-supply of co-driver seat
S94 Power supply GZE
SA5 Airbag, front driver's seat
SA6 Airbag, co-driver
SV4 Airbag pre-installation for fully integr. veh. with crash certificate
WB9 Control code plant
WM9 Control code plant
WW8 Control code plant
X2R Bodybuilder requirement: conversion to motorhome
X31 Registration certificate, Part II, prepared
X99 Mercedes-Benz AG manufacturer
XC1 COC papers, incomplete
XL8 Higher weight 3.880 kg
XM1 Noise abatement measure
XM4 Acoustic package
XN0 Modification year G0-II
XO5 Digital Owner's Manual
XO9 Mercedes-Benz MobiloVan with DSB and GGD
XU1 Plates / booklets german
XV0 Control code - Reference mass check
XV1 Reference mass of at least 2381 kg required
XW9 Steuercode Umstellung WLTP
XZ0 Model generation 0
Z2E National version EU - EFTA - UK
Z2N N2 registration
Z3S Adaptation special scope tires
Z4W Production in Ludwigsfelde
ZQ0 Contr. code for reg. doc. - add. weight specified